Local news about our team’s research efforts in the Bay Area

Check out these interviews with the doctors on our team.

UCSF Dr. Jeffrey Martin on the symptoms of Long COVID (video only)
CBS5 Bay Area/KPIX — October 21, 2022

Summary: Dr. Jeffrey Martin (from our research team) discusses symptoms of Long COVID and how people can volunteer for the RECOVER study, which is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He emphasizes that the team is particularly interested in hearing from people in communities hit hardest by COVID, including those in Black and Latino communities.

Bay Area Universities Launch Projects Focused on Long COVID(video & text)
NBC Bay Area — November 23, 2022

Excerpt: Nearly 20% of people who get COVID end up suffering from at least one long COVID symptom. “There is still that possible question that lingers: how long will it take you to recover?” UCSF assistant professor of epidemiology, Dr. Dan Kelly [from our research team], said. “Nobody wants to be sick for more than a month. Nobody wants to be sick for more than a couple days. Nobody wants to be sick, right? This long COVID thing is real and we see it all the time. We’ve seen some people from earlier in the pandemic that continue to suffer from it.”

COVID ‘long-haulers’ advocate for more research, labor protections, and people-centered health policies (text only)
El Tecolote News — October 26, 2022

Excerpts: In May of 2020, Dr. Michael Peluso [on our research team] saw his first patient with long COVID at San Francisco General, before long COVID had a name. She was young, he remembers, and came in for persistent falling and fainting spells that made it hard to work and take care of her kids. Her symptoms were “surprising,” Peluso said. “She was debilitated…at the time, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Now, I know that [she] had long COVID.”

“I want to make sure that the communities most heavily affected by COVID, — and in particular the Latino community in San Francisco — are represented in this study,” Dr. Carina Marquez, RECOVER’s community engagement co-lead, told El Tecolote.

COVID Dashboard: Stanford [and UCSF] begin long COVID study (text only)
Lookout News Santa Cruz — November 28, 2022

Excerpt: In September, the University of California San Francisco began collaborating with San Mateo County Health to seek a better understanding of long COVID.

COVID Dashboard: UCSF and San Mateo County Health to study long COVID (text only)
Lookout News Santa Cruz — September 12, 2022

Excerpt: The University of California San Francisco and San Mateo County Health are joining forces for a study aptly titled “Let’s figure out long COVID.” The goals are to find out how common the condition is in the Bay Area, what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.

UCSF teams up with Bay Area county to study long COVID (video & text)
KRON4 — September 7, 2022

Excerpt: “What we’re trying to understand better is, what is COVID doing inside of our bodies? Are we carrying residual virus? Is our immune system just on hyperdrive even though there’s no virus there and attacking itself? said Kim Rhoads MD, MPH [on our research team], from the UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

UCSF to study long Covid (video only)
FOX2 – KTVU — August 19, 2022

Summary: Dr. Kim Rhoads of UCSF’s Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (on our research team) walks us through the process of how the Long COVID study works.

Excerpt: “Right now, I really want to emphasize that the main risk of getting Long COVID is getting COVID, so we really want to continue to focus our efforts on mitigation and reducing community spread.” — Dr. Kim Rhoads.