Our Approach

To learn more about Long COVID, we have two phases:

Phase I: A short (~10 minute) interview conducted among persons who had COVID in the past and who reside in either San Francisco or San Mateo Counties.  Our partnership, representing UCSF, the health departments, and community-based organizations, will contact at least 1000 adults (18 years or older) in each county who were diagnosed with COVID at least 3 months ago.  These community residents will be asked about their health status between the time of their initial COVID infection to the present.  At end of the interview, community residents will be asked if they wish to be re-contacted about a more extensive research study, called RECOVER, that more deeply investigates the causes of Long COVID.

Phase II:  There is countrywide research study called RECOVER, which stands for researching COVID to enhance recovery.  Its goal is to understand why some people develop Long COVID while others do not and what can be done to prevent and treat Long COVID.  This study is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.   RECOVER is operating at 15 different locations in the U.S., including San Francisco/San Mateo.  People who agree to participate will be asked a series of questions and have samples of their blood collected several times over the course of three or four years; some people will be asked to have x-rays and other medical tests.    Participants will receive small payments to compensate them for their time spent.