San Mateo Pilot Study

Researchers will contact county residents - please respond!

Note: there is no way to volunteer for this study without being contacted by researchers first. All who live in San Mateo County are urged to check their phones and respond if they have been contacted.

Researchers from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) are partnering with San Mateo County Health (SMC Health) for a pilot epidemiology study of Long COVID called EPI-PASC.

The study may be expanded to include other local counties in the future.

How the study works

  • Researchers need to speak with San Mateo County residents:
    • Ages 18 and up.
    • Diagnosed with COVID more than 90 days ago.
    • Regardless of health status — that includes people who still experience symptoms after COVID, people who feel fully recovered, and those in between.
  • Residents will be asked about their health since the time they contracted COVID in a short interview lasting 10 to 15 minutes.

Connecting with under-served communities

It’s crucial for our researchers to connect with county residents of all ethnicities and backgrounds who had COVID at least 90 days ago to hear their stories.

To make sure that happens, researchers have been working with local community groups to develop study questions that are fair and inclusive. Community groups will also be reaching out to various neighborhoods to ensure everyone will know about the study and participate. Learn more on our Community page.

Funding for future public health and economic recovery programs to help people with Long COVID may be impacted by the results of this study. It’s important for all who are contacted to answer the call!